Help / FAQ

How do we update our billing information? I don't see any information in expens'd.

The account owner can update the billing information for the account at any time by logging in, clicking the "Account" tab, and selecting "Update My Billing Info.". For the security of our users, we do not store any billing information for an account. back to top

Where can I find our invoices?

You can find all of your invoices by logging in as the account admin, selecting the "Account" tab, and clicking on "View My Billing History." back to top

How do I add a user to my account?

If you have an account that supports multiple users, simply log in as the account admin, click on the "Users" tab, and click the "New User" button. back to top

Can we export our data from expens'd?

Yes you can. You can export your entire list of expenses to a CSV file. For expense reports, you can export to CSV and PDF, and there is a printer friendly version as well. back to top

What happens if we use more than our alloted attachment space?

We won't stop you cold when you go over your plans alloted attachment space. If you happen to exceed your plans attachment space for the month, we will bill you a nominal fee of $0.55 for each GB that you are over. The same overage rate applies to all plans.back to top

Do you offer phone or email support?

All support is provided through our support site. You can interact with other expens'd users as well as DNL staff to get your questions answered, and offer feedback and suggestions. back to top